Robert’s skilfully-designed workshop is an experience full of surprises for actors, making them live the life of their chosen character and then shaking it up in moments when they least expect it. The workshop for directors is absolutely different —to witness live the journey of each actor enables a director to understand how it works with different types of actor. To see the main architect Robert at work is more than just useful and inspiring. This is a unique opportunity to learn and understand the process.

Tanel Toom


Truth & Justice, Last Sentinel

Participating in Rob Marchand’s workshop was one of those inspiring experiences that stays with you. Whether you are planning to create work from scratch or you just want to expand your skills in exploring and creating character, using improvisation and generally working closer with actors in the realisation of your work, this is an invaluable workshop. I highly recommend it.

Kate Woods


Umbrella Academy, The Lincoln Lawyer

Thanks so much Rob, what an experience! So glad I was able to be a part of it and witness what you do. Your understanding of story & drama and your respect for actors and ability to communicate with them was inspiring.

Kasimir Bugess



A very big thank you for running such a great course. I learnt a lot from your knowledge of Mike Leigh’s method and your own experiences as a director as well. It was a great experience.

Ben Lawrence


Hearts & Bones

I was rapt that the course was so informative and hands-on. I thought the blend of the participants was also fantastic and Robert wasn’t too bad a tutor too, he he he. I am armed with lots of ideas to incorporate into the rehearsal and scripting process.

Elissa Down


Working with Rob was a journey into character I’ve never taken before. The power of Improvisation and of an Actor/Director Relationship based on strong trust is highly underestimated!

Helena Klaus


It was a mind-blowing and totally memorable experience – I went away rejuvenated and with a whole new approach in mind as to how I see myself doing things from now on.

Evan Clarry


Thank you for the space you gave me to create and work, and most importantly for taking care of the trust I put in you.

Lukas Waldvogel


Robert not only demonstrates a process of great value to the actor, he is an exceptional communicator. He sweeps away any actor uncertainty or cynicism and re-enthuses them in their craft. It is wonderful to see how even the well-trained and more mature actors who think they have ‘seen it all’ come to life and discover skills and potential within themselves they never knew they had – suddenly there’s a fresh sense of spontaneity as well as reason behind their choices.

Angela Heesam

Casting Director

I want to thank you again for this beautiful workshop. I learned so much, I am still overwhelmed. I feel like it was the first time I was really directed, conducted to somewhere – and yet completely free to do my own work. You are a great director, your kindness and wit and humour is inspiring.

Fernanda Farah

Actor & Performance Artist